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Fly Angler in his Waders Knee Deep in Water.

Best Waders For Anglers [2021 Review]

Any angler knows how important it is to have waders on-hand and ready to use. Not only can they keep you dry and comfortable when you’re in the water, but they have new and improved materials that ensure you don’t get too hot. However, it’s easy for beginners to pick

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Fly angler reeling his fly reel in by Jan Fillem.

5 Best Fly Fishing Reels: Must-Read Buyer’s Guide

Are you a fly angler that thinks your fly reel is the least important of all your fly fishing gear equipment? You couldn’t be more wrong. Every fly reel at different prices can have both advantages and disadvantages so you should analyze each first in making a decision. We all

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Trolling motor on kayak on stand.

Best 5 Trolling Kayak/Canoe Motors

Kayaking and Canoeing is an amazing experience. Whether you’re catching fish or simply enjoying the water. Having a trolling motor to lighten the paddling only increases this experience. The kayak or canoe motor’s other name – trolling engine – is based on the fishing technique called “trolling.” It is where

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A fly angler rowing a canoe.

5 Best Canoes For Fly Fishing

Fly fishing on a canoe has always been a favorite past time of my husband and I. We have owned several canoes over the years, and we certainly can say that these boats offer a fun and easy way of exploring the exciting outdoors. Shopping for canoes is certainly thrilling

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Person kayaking into the sunset while fishing by Kal Visuals.

Best 5 Kayaks For Fly Fishing In 2019

Do you enjoy fishing, whitewater rafting, or simply want to spend a weekend paddling with your furry friend? Kayaks come in various sizes, colors, and designs that allow you to do all the above listed. As boating enthusiasts, we have cherished our own kayak since we first started fly fishing

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Binoculars on top of a map

Ultimate Guide to Fly Fishing in Southern Ontario!

With so many bodies of water in Southern Ontario, it can be challenging to find the right place to start. So it’s a safe bet to say that Southern Ontario offers many great fly fishing spots. Exploring new streams will leave any fly angler with a sense of gratitude as

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Fly fishing in the sunset.

Best 5 Fly Fishing Kits For Beginners

It will soon be fishing season once again. The ice is melting and it’ll be perfect for a day out in the sun. If you’re a beginner and shopping for a fly rod, you’ve come to the right place. We review the top fly fishing kits for beginners. Product Reviews

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A man in fishing gear looking out at the water.

How To Find Fishing Spots? – 4 Simple Steps!

Out of all the hobbies fly fishing feel the most rewarding.  One of the hardest things i’ve had to do was get out of my comfort zone by looking for different fishing spots. For years, my friends and I have been going to the same place, same time of year

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