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best 10 gifts for fly fishermen birthday gift Christmas gift Pic by anne.
Best 10 Gifts For Every Fly Angler (And Traditional Angler Of Course)
Looking for that perfect Christmas gift or birthday gift for a fly angler? Its true, it’s difficult to find the best gift for that special fly fisher in your life. However, we’re here to make this process...
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Man swimming in the ocean with plastic pollution.
10 Easy Ways To Stop Using Plastic
The days of plastic-filled Great Lakes might just be over.  Well the reality of things is that the waters will never be completely plastic-free, however moving forward the amount of plastic in our...
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A person holding an Iphone on a watercraft in the water.
17 Best Fishing Apps To Increase Your Catch Rate
What if I told you the days of Fly Fishing without technology are long over. Sure, you can still fly fish without technology but using modern fishing apps drastically help by finding fishing locations,...
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A bear in the water looking at the camera.
Fly Fishing In The Wilderness [Animal Attacks]
The probability of wild animal attacks on fly anglers is all too real. At the end of the day, you’re in their territory so no need to be surprised. So how do you stop them? You probably have heard the...
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Fly angler looking at his cast.
7 Reliable Reel Backings [Buying Guide]
Aggressive and fast-swimming fish can be a challenge to fly fishing enthusiasts. Among these species are trout, bass, tarpon, permit, steelhead, and the bonefish. Catching them can be demanding and time-consuming...
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Fly Tying Kits For Beginners.
6 Best Fly-Tying Kits To Enhance Your Fly Fishing Skills
Fly fishing is a popular sport. It does have a learning curve associated with it, and there is a lot of gear you have to cover to be able to fly fish effectively. However, it’s very rewarding to learn...
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