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A place to fly fish.

Here at Fish the Fly, we understand how difficult it can be to pick the right equipment. Our goal it to help all fly anglers of all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. 

With a combined 25 years of experience, our team understands that there’s much more than just going to your nearest angling store and purchasing equipment that’s on sale. 

Regardless of what they told you, size does matter! Rods shouldn’t be a one size fits all. There’s many different rod sizes that will prove better for the fish you catch. For example, you probably shouldn’t be using a 3 weight rod for large salmon. This isn’t even getting into why rods have different weights. Lucky for you, our fly rod archive not only talks about the size of rods, it also fully describes the difference rod weights. 

Catching the fish is one thing, reeling the fish out of the water is completely different. There is no reel that is one size fit all. There are many reels that will work better in certain situations. We will discuss the importance of picking out the right reel.

Like rods and reels, there are many different types of lines and as such, each one has a particular function. Also with importance to the different lines, we discuss the length of lines. For example, having the right amount of length on your leader line will be optimal to catch more fish. In the line archive, we describe how to properly tie your lines.

Each fish requires different flies, we simplify this by breaking down which flies work best for the different fish species you are fishing for.


Our team will help you save time by offering everything you want under one umbrella.​


We strongly believe in budget friendly options.


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