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Best 10 Gifts For Every Fly Angler (And Traditional Angler Of Course)

Looking for that perfect Christmas gift or birthday gift for a fly angler?

Its true, it’s difficult to find the best gift for that special fly fisher in your life. However, we’re here to make this process as easy and effortless as it can be.

These gifts  are hand picked for fly anglers by fly anglers. So whether you’re looking for a gift for someone that’s just gotten into fly fishing or a veteran in the sport, you’re in the right place!

In this article we discuss these gifts in three different price ranges: Under $30, Under $99 and over $100.

Here Are The Perfect Gift Ideas For Men And Women Fly Fishers In 2019

1) Fishing Sun Face Sports Scarf (UV Protection) – [Unisex]

Multifunctional resistance headscarves headbands for fly fishing winter or summer.

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If you’ve ever gone fly fishing in the sun then you know how crucial it is to have a fishing sun face mask that protects you from the sun. 

The light and soft microfiber material will help maintain a constant temperature. Keep your face dry while protecting yourself from light rain and snow. To add to this, it’s also great for resisting wind penetration.

You can purchase a cool design that any fly angler would really appreciate. Look cool without getting sunburned or while staying warm! These are just two of the reasons why a fishing sun face mask is a perfect gift idea for fly anglers.

2) Polarized Sunglasses [Unisex]

Best fishing polarized sunglasses for sight fishing.

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You can’t be a fly angler without proper polarized sunglasses. There are many reasons why every fly angler should have these in their gear box. These are the same reasons why polarized sunglasses make a great Christmas or a birthday gift.

When you’re fly fishing, especially in new territory then you’re going to rely heavily on sight fishing. The only way to properly do this is by having a great pair of polarized sunglasses that won’t let the sun glare reflect off the water. 

Even in the winter the snow can have an awfully strong glare that’s unpleasant to the eyes. This is where the sunglasses help dim that glare.

3) Cool Fly Fishing Mug

Amazing fly fishing mug for hot beverages as a gift.

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You know what’s an awesome gift? A fishing mug! 

This is a unique fishing coffee mug that adds humour to your kitchen. Any fly angler will enjoy this mug. It’s a very thoughtful gift that makes trout fishing in the winter more enjoyable.

Can warm up in the colder months by drinking hot tea, coffee, or even hot chocolate. This fishing mug makes an amazing christmas or birthday gift. This can even be an addition to fishing expeditions for many years, giving inspiration to go on more adventures.

4) Fly Fishing Accessories (Vest Pack Tool Combo)

Maxcatch fly fishing accessories line clipper needle nose pliers extension.

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Want a cheap yet effective gift that every angler wants? MORE TOOLS!

Two of the most common accessory tools that anglers use are needle-nose pliers and line clippers. Needle-nosed pliers are used for properly, and more easily, taking the fly out of the fish’ mouth. While the line clippers are used for whenever you need to cut fishing line (happens way more often than you’d think). The line clipper acts both as a clipper as well as a nail knot tier. 

This fishing accessory combo also comes with a fishing zinger with a 20” coated steel cable. This allows the angler to have the line clipper or the pliers reach out further.

The more the merrier right? If you’re okay with spending another few extra dollars then you should really look at the other two combos as they offer a few more tools. Well worth the extra cost.

Fishing accessories tools combo 1

Fishing accessories tools combo 2

5) Fly Fishing Net

Magnetic fly fishing net as a gift.

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If you’ve ever went fly fishing before and you’ve lost a monster trout then you know how important owning a reliable fly fishing net really is. And because of this, a fly fishing net will make the perfect gift for any fly angler in your life. 

Netting your fish for any catch and release is the most humane way as you’re not putting any stress on the fish by holding it out of the water. If you’re relying on the fish for dinner then netting the fish will prevent any risk of losing the fish at the river bank or off the side of the boat.

6) Magnetic Net Release

Magnetic combo for your fly fishing net.

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If the fly fisher in your life carries most of their gear with them on their vest, then they need tools and accessories that make it easy for them to grab what they need. They will need a net so that they can safely and quickly get their catch out of the water, so they will need a magnetic net release so that they can have quick and easy access to their net.

This device can hook to the back of the fisher’s vest. When they reach around to grab their net, it will release, allowing them to get their equipment in the water and get the fish out. Since they will be trying to do a lot of things at the same time, having a magnetic net release that lets go of the net quickly is imperative.

The great thing about this piece of equipment is that while it’s ideal for nets, it can also be used for other things, including nippers, pliers, or other tools. The magnets are strong enough that they won’t release accidentally but will let go when pulled on. The net release is made from Aviation aluminum, so the chances of it rusting are reduced, making it ideal for being in a wet environment.

7) Vehicle Rod Rack

Vehicle road holder magnetic for fly rods as gift.

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For other gifts, you might consider getting a vehicle rod rack. The heavy-duty magnet on this accessory will keep it securely on the car, and it will give your fisherman the chance to move from one place on the river to another—and not have to break down their rod or risk it getting damaged in the process. This makes getting from one fishing hole to another quick and easy.

The rod rack itself is lightweight and durable, but it has been tested to hold up to 200 pounds. The magnet will keep it securely on your vehicle without causing any damage. If you have a fly fisherman who seems to have it all, you can bet they don’t have anything like this. This piece of equipment may be just what they need to make their trips more enjoyable.

8) Rod and Reel Case
Allen rod and reel holder for fly angler gift.

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A fly fisherman’s rod and reel are the most important pieces of equipment they own. They are often an investment, so keeping them protected and safe during transportation is a must. Having the right rod and reel case is important—and this case can deliver.

Equipped with a PVC tube, it keeps the rod protected when leaving home and heading into nature. It also has padding in the reel compartment to keep this piece of valuable equipment safe. The top unzips to give easy access to the equipment inside, and the material is rugged and can withstand a variety of different elements.

If you want to help your fisherman keep their equipment looking amazing and protected from accidents, then this is the case you’re looking for. It’s lightweight and easy to carry, but it will keep the rod and reel free from damage.

9) Pontoon Boat


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For many, the reason they became fly fishers in the first place was because they liked a challenge. There is an art and skill to moving a fly through the air and trying to entice a fish to go after it. It also allows them to go into areas that others may not venture. When that happens, they need equipment that will give them as many advantages as possible.

Fly fishing is a graceful and beautiful sport, but getting to where the fish are can be challenging. However, if your fisher has a pontoon boat, it will make that task easier. It may not guarantee they’ll catch anything, but it will at least get them into the area where they fish are hiding.

With a 350-pound max capacity, this pontoon boat is easy to carry in and out of various fishing spots. It also comes equipped with the ability to hold two fishing rods and a padded seat and adjustable backrest. Your fly fisher can spend all day fishing in the comfort of this pontoon. It also has cargo pockets for storing equipment.

The hull has been designed for superior steering and tracking, giving your fisher the ability to quickly and easily move around the water. When it comes to fly fisherman gifts, this one ranks at the top of the list.

10) Men’s Evolution of Man to Fly Angler 


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Let your fly fisherman show off how they have evolved from primitive man into the fisher they currently are with this shirt. It’s a great gift for any fly fisher in your life, and it can be worn to various places throughout the year.

Crafted of heavyweight cotton, it is both comfortable and durable. It even has double-needle stitching throughout. The shirt has been preshrunk and is tagless, so it’s sure to be comfortable. It also comes in three different color choices, so you can find one that matches your fly fisher’s style.

Not only will this shirt allow your fisherman to show off their passion, but it may inspire others and strike up a conversation. If the fly fisherman in your life likes to talk about and share their passion with others, then this shirt might be the ice breaker that they are looking for. The only downside is that you might never get them away from the conversation!

Check these amazon fly fishing clothes that would make killer gifts:

Cool long sleeved fishing shirt with a ruler on the arm (YES A RULER ON THE ARM!)

Long sleeved comfortable shirt

Finding the Right Gift

Finding the right fishing gift should be easy. There are a variety of different products and accessories to choose from. If you are looking for something that they may not have or can’t have too many of, then any of the gifts listed above are worth considering. Fly fishing is serious business, and having the right equipment is imperative. Any of these items will have your fly fisherman stocked with the right gear and ready to catch some fish. Even the t-shirt may become lucky and they’ll wear it whenever they head out.

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