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Best 5 Float Fishing Rods [2021 Review]

When you float fish, you need a long rod. Unlike traditional fishing techniques, this type of fishing requires you to have a lot of slack in the line between the angler and the hook. The best way to manage the extra slack and set the hook when the fish strikes are by using a long rod. Additionally, longer rods give any angler lots of cushioning to protect the lighter leaders that anglers use when steelheading.

These longer rods are float rods. You want your float fishing rods to have a smooth parabolic action that differs from the whippy action you’ll have when you use a noodle rod. In general, these types of rods range from just over 10.5-feet to 15-feet for larger rivers. If you’re ready to pick out a float rod, we’re going to review several high-quality options for you, and we’ll tell you how to pick out the best rod for your fishing style below.

Picking Out Your New Float Fishing Rod

When you pick out your new rod, decide what action you need it to perform and what purpose it would serve. Shorter builds are usually more versatile, and they work well for casting spinners and bottom-bouncing as well as running floats. These rods also keep your line away from overhanging obstacles like trees. Longer rods come designed to give you more control over your float. When you get a float rod over 15-feet long, they give you maximum control, and they work best when you drift your float through deep pools.

The next thing you want to decide is the number of sections and the appropriate length. You can pick from two, three, or four different sections. Two-piece rods are easier to take apart and move when you have them fully rigged. However, three or four-piece rods are easier to store and travel with.

  • Short Rods – Ranging from 10.6 to 11.6 feet, these rods allow you to run shorter drifts while fishing in waters that are 8 to 10 feet deep. They work well in tight spots, and they’re easy to manipulate.
  • Medium Rods – Ranging from 12.6 to 14 feet, medium rods allow you to comfortable fish in waters up to 12 feet deep. This is the standard length, and they work well in a broad condition range.
  • Long Rods – Finally, float rods above 15 feet fall into the long category. You can mend the line to almost any range while fishing deeper water.


Float rods usually have small, high-frame guides that keep the line away from your pole’s rob blank. You want roughly the same number of guides on your pole as feet, so 14 feet would have 14 guides. If your guides are too small, they ice up in colder conditions. If they’re too big, they slow down your blank’s action. For the best results, look for a rod with a high-frame No. 6 tip-top guide. It’s light enough to allow for the most action while not icing up in colder conditions.

The Five Best Float Fishing Rods – Reviews

Now that you know a little bit more about this rod, we’re going to review the top five choices. You can compare them side by side and see which one suits your fishing style the best.

Okuma Aventa Float Rod 13 ft 6 in Spinning Rod

Okuma Aventa 13 ft 6 float fishing rod.

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This float rod gives you balanced rod actions that improve your fishing experience. The sensitive graphite blank construction allows you to feel when the fish hits so that you can hook them with confidence. You’ll use the tall frame guides for precision line control, and this is excellent for fishing in a variety of depths.

The aluminum oxide guide inserts are resistant to rust and corrosion from being out in wet conditions, and this extends the life of your rod. You’ll use the high-quality fore and rear cork grips to give you a solid hold on your rod when you cast and guide your float in as well.

Maxcatch Wild River Salmon * Steelhead CenterPin (13ft)

Maxcatch Wild River Salmon and Steelhead Float Fishing Rod.

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This 13-foot rod can handle light line with a 6 to 10-pound rating and lightweight lures. You’ll get a 100% IM8 carbon fiber blank, center pin reel, and a rod tube when you purchase this rod. The hard chrome guide and ceramic ring ensure you get a smooth cast each time you use it.

The handle on this rod is 21.8 inches of comfortable AA-grade cork. The cork won’t get slippery if you splash it or get it wet, and it allows you to have a superior grip that’s great for hours of fishing. This rod breaks down into four pieces for easy storage and transport.

Saion 13ft CenterPin Float Rod

Saion 13-ft Centerpin Float Fishing Rod.

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Excellent for beginning fisherman, this cost-effective rod has a light line and lure weight, and it comes in at 13 feet long. This length allows you to fish in a variety of depths and streams without an issue. The high carbon fiber blanks ensure you get a smooth cast and maximum control over your float.

This rod comes apart in four pieces, and this makes it easy to transport and store between uses. You’ll hold onto a wooden cork handle, and this ensures you’ll have a comfortable grip for hours of fishing. It’s quick and easy to snap together and take apart when you finish for the day as well.

Ugly Stik Shakespeare Elite 10’6

Ugly Stick Shakespeare-Elite Salmon Steelhead Float Fishing Rod.

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This rod is an excellent choice for steelhead or salmon fishing, and the clear tip design gives you additional strength at the perfect points along your rod. The graphite increases the sensitivity of this rod, and it’ll help you hook fish as soon as you feel them.

The guides are a single piece of stainless steel, and this reduces the chances that the inserts will pop out while giving this rod maximum durability against wear and tear or corrosion. Finally, it has a conventional reel seat with stainless steel hoods attached. This also adds to the durability factor of this rod.

Amundson CenterPin Reel Rod Combo

Amundson Steel Tracker Centerpin reel and float fishing rod combo.

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This sleek rod features IM graphite blank construction paired with lightweight silicone guide rings. The gold trim with the dark red guide straps give this rod an eye-catching look, and the durable epoxy finish ensures it lasts through dozens of fishing sessions.

The durable but soft rubber butt paired with the high-grade Portuguese cork grips makes this fishing rod comfortable to hold and grip for hours at a time. It comes with a reel that has an aluminum spool and body for added durability. It also has Japanese dual bearings, powder coat finish, on and off clicker switch, and an exposed rim for greater control.

Wrapping It Up

Picking out float fishing rods for your next fishing adventure shouldn’t be a stressful task. We want to make the entire process as easy and painless as possible, and this is why we outlined a short buyer’s guide for you with essential features to consider.

You can compare our top float rods side by side to see which one will work best for your fishing style, and we included several price points for both new and veteran fishers. Take your time, do your research, and good luck landing that trophy fish!

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