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Best Console Fishing Games (Old & New)

When the weather isn’t the best, you can still get your fishing fix by playing console fishing games, and there are several available. 

I want you to know your options, so I’ll outline the best PS4 fishing games, Xbox fishing games, and Switch fishing games available below. 

The short question and answer section at the bottom will tie everything together for you.

If you’re looking for non-console fishing games then we have a general fishing games article as well.

Best Console Fishing Games

Legendary Fishing

In-game picture of legendary fishing game.

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Legendary Fishing gives you the chance to catch 20 different fish species ranging from largemouth bass to King salmon and more. There are multiple destinations you can fish with different challenge levels. As you catch more and more fish, you can unlock new gear to improve your chances of landing a monster catch.

There are three different modes, and you can choose your tackle to fit the type of fish you want to land. Career mode features 80 missions that turn you from an amateur angler into a legendary one. There are 10 venues you can unlock with different techniques, different weather conditions, and four seasons. Play solo or play with your friends for hours of fun.

Fishing Planet

In-game character holding a fish Fishing Planet PS4.

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This is a true-to-life fishing simulator that will help you build or improve your fishing skills as you play. It has a ton of eye-candy graphics, realistic-looking tackle, and more. The fish mimic realistic behavior in this game, and they give you the same damage experience you’d get with the real thing. You can play by yourself or with your friends, pick out your lures, and try your hand in different areas. You’ll sharpen your skills along the way and have fun.

Rapala Fishing: Pro Series

Cover picture of Rapala Fishing Pro Series PS4.

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If you want to compete in virtual world-class tournaments, try Rapala Fishing: Pro Series. It gives you daily challenges to help improve your skills, and you’ll earn bonus money while climbing in the ranks. As you build your reputation, you’ll gain sponsors, fight it out for trophies and awards, and attempt to catch 17 different fish species.

The tournaments take place in some of North America’s most iconic fishing spots, and you unlock a host of equipment combinations and lures as you play to enhance your experience. You can fight fish both below and above the water, and it has different weather conditions with a character creator.

Pro Fishing Simulator

In-game picture of a man fishing Fishing Simulator PS4.

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No matter if you’re a beginner or avid angler, the Pro Fishing Simulator is a great pick. You can travel across nine different spots to fish, and they’re all based on real-world places like Colorado and the Black Forest. There are six different fishing techniques you can master, and this includes boat fishing, lure, fishing, fly fishing, and more.

The 79 fish species in this game present behaviors that mimic what they’d do in real life, and there are hundreds of pieces of equipment to choose from and use. You’ll enjoy seasonal and weekly challenges with a worldwide ranking, and there are tutorials to guide you along as you play.

Best PS4 Fishing Games

Fishing Sim World

Cover of Fishing Sim World PS4.

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When you play this game, you’ll be able to unlock different rewards by playing challenges across multiple lakes. There are challenge tiers that give you in-game clothing when you complete them, and they get progressively harder as you go up. Your profile has a stats page that tracks how many fish you catch, favorite equipment, and your favorite venue. You can see how you’re performing and which venue or fish species you want to try more to help you unlock higher levels.

The Fisherman: Fishing Planet

Cover image of The Fisherman Fishing Planet PS4.

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You’ll explore 19 different lakes from around the world with this simulation, and the game learns and adjusts itself to your skill level. There are 142 different fish species you can hook, and there are over 1,000 pieces of equipment you can use to personalize your tack. You’ll cycle through day and night with four distinct seasons to challenge you as you play and pit your skills against players around the world as you play.

The Hunter: 2019 Edition

Cover image of the Hunter Call of the wild PS4.

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If you want to fish in a variety of different ways, theHunter: 2019 Edition is the way to go. This fun game allows you to fish the traditional way, bow fish, fish from the shore or a boat, and duck hunt. You’ll explore two original hunting reserves in this game, and they are Layton Lake and Hirschfelden. You’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery, different tackle, and several customization options.

Stardew Valley

Cover of Stardew Valley PS4 Game.

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When you start this game, you inherit an old farm plot from your grandfather. You get a few coins and old tools to try and build a new life. You have to fix your overgrown fields and learn to live off the land, and this includes fishing in the various lakes and ponds around your plot of land. Not only will you be able to get better equipment, the more you fish, but you’ll also use crab pots to increase your haul.


Catch and Release | PS VR

Gameplay of catch & Release ps4.

Immerse yourself in a fishing experience with this VR fishing game, Catch and Release. You’ll find yourself sitting in a boat surrounded by beautiful scenery. You have to hunt for the best fishing spots, and there are no set locations to guide you along. Throughout the experience, you’ll customize your rod, reel, and lure to different types of fish before hauling them in. There’s a camera that allows you to take pictures of your day, and the pictures save to the game.

Best Xbox Fishing Games

Dovetail Games Euro Fishing

Cover image of Euro Fishing XBOX One.

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You’ll master Europe’s most famous lakes when you play Euro Fishing. No matter if you’re a pro or a beginner, this game replicates fishing techniques using Total Cast Control. There are in-game tutorials to help you learn the basics, and you’ll fish five unique locations. They include St. John’s Lake and linear Fisheries, Digger Lakes, and more.

The fish in the game respond to the time of day, water temperatures, baits, and weather conditions just like they do in real life. Customize your angling equipment and choose from different casting locations to land that big catch in this game. Finally, you can fish solo, with friends, or set up a multi-player tournament.

Freediving Hunter – Spearfishing the World

The first thing you do in this game is choose and customize your character before diving in and competing against challenging spearfishing experts. As you get better, you’ll start to unlock saltwater fishing spots around the world, and these spots include kelp forests, shipwrecks, and reefs. For every fish you hunt, you’ll get a small amount of money that you can use to upgrade your gear.

When your experience levels go up, you’ll earn skills that let you attract more fish, sneak up on them, and dive deeper than ever before. The fish get bigger and more exotic as you play, and you’ll have to avoid blackout conditions and hungry sharks that add a thrilling element to your game.

Fishing: Barent Sea Complete Edition

In this game, you’ll captain your own fishing boat and explore the Norwegian sea to find fishing hotspots. You’ll start off with a small boat you inherited, but you can upgrade both your boat and other fishing equipment as you catch more fish. As you play, you unlock different equipment, play on different boats, and learn how to sharpen your skills to catch different types of fish. Everything is easy to learn, but it takes time to master it. The better you get, the more rewards you unlock.

Best Nintendo Switch Fishing Games

Bass Pro Shops: Strike Championship Edition

Bass Pro Shops Nintendo switch Game Cover.

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This game introduces you to different environments based on real locations. It incorporates accurate lure and fish behaviors to increase the authenticity, and you use the rod to cast, jig, and hook your monster fish just like you would in real life. You can choose from Career, Quick Fish, or Tournament mode, and there are casting challenges and boat races. Career mode follows bass fishing tournament rules, and you take on 10 of the biggest fishing hot spots in the United States. There are 11 game fish in play, and you can track your progress as you go.

Fishing Star World Tour

Fishing Star World Nintendo Switch Cover.

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You’ll play 40 locations with 70 types of gear in an attempt to snag over 180 fish species. It’ll challenge you to match your setting and fish to the equipment to help you catch a big one, and you record everything you catch to help you sharpen your skills. There are multiple playing styles and mini-games to keep you entertained.

Reel Fishing Road Trip Adventure

Reel Fishing Road Trip Nintendo Switch.

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Take a virtual road trip with your friends to explore 10 different locations and catch 20 different fish species. It has exciting battles with action-style fishing, and you’ll upgrade your equipment and skills as you play. Once you get the best equipment possible, suit it to try and catch the infamous Legendary Fish.

Hunting Simulator

Nintendo Switch Hunting Simulator Cover.

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You’ll hunt 37 animal species both on land and in water with this game, and it has 12 different regions to explore. There are 17 different firearms to use, and you’ll master more than 50 pieces of equipment to hunt and sharpen your skills. You’ll go through 111 missions, play in different environments, and experience different playing modes.

Dynamite Fishing World Game

This fun and interactive game will have you fishing everything from shark to smaller lake fish. Once you haul them in, you’ll send them to shore with a stick of dynamite. There are five characters, some of the best fishing spots in the world, multiple boats, and several pieces of equipment. The more fish you catch and get to shore, the more coins you get to upgrade everything and unlock new locations. Every character has powers, and you can play in large multi-player tournaments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you need Xbox Live to play Fishing Planet?

Yes and no. You’ll need Xbox Live Gold to play Fishing Planet on Xbox. You can also download it and play it on your PC for free if you have Windows 10 or higher.

2. Is Fishing Planet online?

Yes. Currently, you have to be online and have an active internet connection to play Fishing Planet. There is no talk of an offline mode at the time of writing this.

3. Is Fishing Planet free on PS4?

No. While Fishing Planet is available for PS4, you will have to pay to buy it before you can play it.

Bottom Line

You can find console fishing games for almost every system. They can help you learn tournament rules, sharpen your skills, identify different tackle and equipment, and keep you entertained when you can’t go out and fish. You can try one or try them all, and I rounded up the best fishing games over a variety of consoles for you to compare. Good luck and happy fishing!