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Best 5 Fly Fishing Kits For Beginners

It will soon be fishing season once again. The ice is melting and it’ll be perfect for a day out in the sun. If you’re a beginner and shopping for a fly rod, you’ve come to the right place. We review the top fly fishing kits for beginners.

Product Reviews

For starters the terms kit, combo and outfit are used interchangeably. 

We also offer great guidance in picking out fly fishing rods, fly fishing reels, and fly fishing line individually.

Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod Outfit (Kit)

The Clearwater Fly Rod Kit is a famous product from Orvis, a top-of-mind source of amazing products by anglers. It is a fly fishing kit with an excellent blend of power and sophistication with a gentle mid-flex taper.

The Orvis Clearwater is perfect for any fly angler who’s interesting in beginning to fly fish. It has an adequate backbone to long-distance casts. It attracts anglers because it offers value-for-money with an excellent angling and casting performance.

What Comes In The Box

  • 865-4 Fly Rod
  • LA II Reel
  • 5-weight Fly Line
  • Cordura rod tube
  • 125 yards of 20lb Dacron backing

Product Features & Technical Details

Although it isn’t as excellent as a wooden insert, the woven graphite insert is maintenance-free and durable. The handle is of premium cork, so it looks high-end. The olive-colored blanks have the understated and classy look. The machine-anodized aluminum that makes the reel seat provides the security and strength for the reel.

Pros and Cons


•    25-year warranty – Orvis will repair it without charge. No questions asked.

•    User-friendly and perfect for fly fishing for beginners

•    Can handle big-sized fish like a 10lb carp

•    Reasonably-priced

•    Excellent operation


•    No eye above the cork grip so that the user can hook the fly when the rod isn’t in use. However, this isn’t a deal breaker because the fly can be pushed in the rod’s cork handle.

•    The rod isn’t ready to fish or professionally rigged upon purchase, but it includes the necessary reference material, so it’s not something to worry about.

Who Should Buy This Product

The Orvis Clearwater is an entry-level rod, but with a better performance than the other brands. It is perfect for most anglers at varying distances and can catch even bluegill, small-mouthed bass, or  large-mouthed bass. It is a versatile rod that can hook even big fish like a 10lb carp.

 Orvis fly fishing rod and reel combo.

Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod – 7 Ft – 3 Wt

The Clearwater 7’6” 3-weight Fly Rod is the perfect choice for small streams because it offers the precision and lightness of a high-end premium rod. It provides medium action, casting pleasure for spring creeks and high mountain streams. The Clearwater is a complete overhaul of everything except its value. As the best budget-friendly fly rod, it offers a significant upgrade in looks and performance for all anglers.

What Comes in the Box

•    763-4 fly rod

•    Clearwater II reel

•    3-Weight fly line

•    Rod tube

•    150 yds. 20-lb. Dacron® backing

Product Features & Technical Details

  • 3-weight 7’ 6” fly rod
  • Black chrome blanks with quick rod identifier
  • Ceramic insert with stripping guide and chrome snake
  • Reel seats are black nickel aluminum
  • Composite tips on fighting butts for durability
  • Composite edge on the foregrip
  • Gray rod tube
  • Imported but designed in Vermont
  • 25-year guarantee

Pros and Cons


The Clearwater 763-4 is a perfect tool for dense cover and small water fishing. Its forgiving and soft action stroke allows for a smooth cast. Everyone using it will experience how sensitive it is to each headshake. Anglers will feel as if they’re communing fish in a way they never thought of before. They’ll love using the rod for meandering spring creeks and small freestone stones.


The cork used is not at par with the acceptable cork grade within its price range. The finish on the guides is also irregular. However, these aren’t deal breakers because the fly rod’s action is exceptionally smooth that it allows the short delivery of a small fly within the 20-foot range. Moreover, it has additional power for longer casts of up to around 50 feet.

Who Should Buy This Product

The Clearwater 7’6” 3-weight Fly Rod is an entry-level rod like the Clearwater 865-4. It is affordable, yet the cast is remarkably accurate. Overall, it has excellent quality and provides superb value for money.

Orvis 7 foot fly fishing beginner kit.

Maxcatch – 5wt 9ft

The Maxcatch 9’ 5-weight combo is an excellent mid-weight setup for someone who wants to start fly-fishing. Because it is affordable, anyone can start with this do-it-all fly rod. This Maxcatch fishing rod provides medium-fast action perfect for trout, bass, and other large fish.

What Comes in the Box

•    9’ 5-weight 4pc fly rod made from IM6 graphite with a machined aluminum reel seat

•    ECO 5/6-weight reel with die-cast aluminum body and large Arbor pool design

•    12 pieces high-quality trout flies with a waterproof fly box

•    Essential accessories like line nipper, leader straightener, forceps, zinger, and spare tapered leader

Product Features & Technical Details

•    Maxlinq Blank Technology – authentic IM7 24T and 30T carbon fiber with five layers of carbon that increase strength by 20%

•    Ultra lightweight stainless steel snake guides for the smoothest long casts

Pros and Cons


The fly reel is pre-spooled with tippet and line. So, anyone can use it outright after purchase. Moreover, he gets clippers, fly box, rod case, hemostats, and some flies.


The case has no strap, so if the user needs to hike to his favorite fishing area, he may need to improvise so that he can strap it to his chest. The leader isn’t at par with the other brands so it may be best to replace it. However, because it is affordable and comes with everything a beginner needs, these positive points more than compensate for any minor flaws it may have.

Who Should Buy This Product

The Maxcatch 9ft 5-weight fly rod is perfect for a beginner. It makes learning fun and enjoyable. Although it is a mid-action rod, anyone can master this combo kit with a little practice. Overall, it is an excellent fly-fishing combo.

Maxcatch fly fishing beginner kit.

Redington TOPO Combo – 5wt 9ft

The Topo 9’ 5-weight combo is a great starting point for any fly angler. This is a complete combo that consists of all the materials needed to start fly fishing, with the exception of water. Redington is amongst the top brands for fly fishing equipment. It’s also well known for its warranty.

Purchasing this fly fishing kit not only comes with all the equipment you need, but it also comes with alignment dots for easy rod set up.

Redington warranty

Whenever you’re having any issues with your Redington equipment, their warranty service is extremely prompt at helping. They’re extremely helpful at repairing any damaged Redington product or simply replacing it.

In the off chance your product is no longer supported for repair or replacement, they offer discounts for purchases of future Redington products.

What Comes in the Box

  •    9’ 5-weight 4pc TOPO 590 Path fly rod
  •    Crosswater 5-weight reel
  •    RIO Mainstream WF5F fly line (pre-spooled on reel)
  •    9’ tapered RIO leader
  •    Extra spool of RIO tippet
  •    6 pieces of high-quality floating trout flies with a waterproof fly box
  •    Zippered carrying case for the fly rod and reel

Product Features & Technical Details

  •    The TOPO 590 Path fly rod is a moderate-fast action rod
  •    The 6 pieces of high-quality floating trout flies all are easy to see dry flies – perfect for any beginner learning how set up their presentations

Pros and Cons


The fly reel comes pre-spooled the RIO Mainstream fly line, while the other parts have indicators for easy installations. In short, with a few little touches any beginner fly angler can use it immediately.

To strengthen this purchase, this fly fishing kit is well known as a perfect entry level to trout fishing. The fly rod action allows for delicate and accurate casts – also perfect for trout fishing.

The RIO fly line and leader that is included in this combo are above-standard lines.


We often desire fly fishing kits that come with everything, however, the downside to this is that there’s very little wiggle room. As a beginner, you want to play around with different combinations are far as line and flies go.  The best part of fly fishing is easily the experimenting and the learning.

The warranty for this particular fly fishing kit is also very limited. In normal cases, Redington has great lifetime warranty, for the TOPO combo, it’s limited to 1 year warranty only.

Who Should Buy This Product

The TOPO fly fishing kit is perfect for any beginner who wants to start fly fishing right away. It comes with absolutely everything you could need, from the fly rod all the way to the floating flies. It also comes with alignment dots for easy set up.

The fly rod, reel and line combination allow its fly angler to quickly learn the art of delicate and accurate casts – a perfect combo for trout fly fishing.

A picture of the Redington TOPO fly fishing kit.

Redington VICE Combo – 4wt 9ft

Redington’s 9’ 4wt VICE combo is directed towards beginners but can be used by any experienced fly angler. The fly rods carbon fiber blanks allow the fly angler the ability for cast recovery.

The fast-action rod allows perfect presentations of dry flies and lights nymphs – The best combination for catching spooky fish in clear waters.

So if you’re looking for great control of accuracy in your next fly fishing kit, then the VICE combo is the fly fishing kit for you!

Redington warranty

Unlike the TOPO Combo which offers only 1 year warranty, the VICE combo from Redington offers lifetime warranty.

Whenever you’re having any issues with your Redington equipment, their warranty service is extremely prompt at helping. They’re extremely helpful at repairing any damaged Redington product or simply replacing it..

What Comes in the Box

  •    9’ 4-weight 4pc VICE 490 fly fishing rod
  •    I.D ¾ fly fishing reel
  •    RIO Mainstream WF4F fly line
  •    9’ tapered RIO leader
  •   Durable cordura rod tube with built-in dividers

Product Features & Technical Details

  •    The VICE 490 fly rod is a fast action rod
  •    Fly rod offers exceptional in-hand balance

Pros and Cons


The fly rod has nice gold and black accents on its visually noticeable green base.

The VICE is good at long distance casts. In further casts, the accuracy is increased, allowing any fly angler to hit their distanced targets. At this casts, the fly rod is also forgiving at further distances.  

The heaviness of fly rod also allows the fly angler to further their casts or toss around larger flies.

If you’re looking to fish in medium sized streams, then the VICE fly fishing kit is a kit that should be looked at.


Most fast-action rods feel bit heavy during short casts and the VICE fly rod is no exception. Along with the other fast-action rods, the Vice also lack the flex in short distances.

Who Should Buy This Product

The VICE fly fishing kit is perfect for any beginner who doesn’t mind their fly rod being a bit heavier and clunky. A fly fishing kit that is perfect accurate casts for longer distances – even for casting large flies.

A picture of the Redington VICE fly fishing kit.

Final recommendation

All combos reviewed are for beginners. Each of the products has its strengths and weaknesses. Some key things to consider are the fly rod, reel and line sizes as they will greatly determine the type of fish you will be fishing for.

A key selling point for most fly anglers is a products warranty – if you look at the above listed warranties, we have some with 1-year, 25-year warranty, and a lifetime warranty. Of course, with the longer warranties come a more expensive price tag.

The last thing every fly angler should consider with their fly fishing kit purchase is the items that come in the kit. If you’re the type that wants absolutely everything, even the flies and the fly tackle box included, then we have MAXCATCH and TOPO combos. Otherwise, we have great alternatives that give you a bit of wiggle room for finalizing your equipment list.

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