Easiest Way To Scale Your Fish (without losing a finger!)

Speder Electric Cordless Waterproof Fish Scaler.

Scaling a fish is a necessary part of catching your food because fish scales are unpleasant to eat.

Removing the scales can be a messy process, so it’s best if you do it outside or put your fish in a bag before you start.

There are three easy steps to scaling a fish we outlined below.

How to Scale a Fish – Step by Step

  • Set your fish on your work surface and grasp it firmly by the tail.
  • Scrape the back of your knife or fish scaler over your fish starting at the tail and going up to their head.
  • Repeat the process once or twice before washing the fish to get rid of any remaining scales.

How to Scale a Fish With a Knife

If you don’t have a scaler for fish handy, you can use a knife. Lay your fish out on your work surface before grasping it firmly by the tail. Take your knife and start sliding the back of the knife up your fish’s body toward their head.


The scales should start to flake off. Repeat this process until you remove all of the scales. Make sure you get the scales around the fins and near the top of the fish. To end, scale the fish’s collar and rinse the fish to get rid of any excess.

Advantages of Using a Fillet Glove

A fillet glove will protect your hand from accidental cuts while you clean and prepare your fish. They can give you a stronger grip, and they can help you prevent the fish from sliding around as your scale and gut them. Your hand stays clean throughout the process, and you can rinse the glove out when you finish.

Best Filet Glove for Fish Scaling

Grey And Blue Rapala Fillet Glove.

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This glove will help when it comes time to descale your fish. It comes in three different sizes, and the glove features a cut-resistant material. You’ll get a bland of synthetic fibers, natural fibers, and stainless steel that keeps your hand dry, clean, and whole.


  • Available in three sizes
  • Has stainless steel woven in
  • Gives you a comfortable grip


  • Can be difficult to thoroughly clean
  • Doesn’t come in a pair

Best Board for Holding the Fish in Place for Scaling

Rapala Poly Fillet Board With Clamp.

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This fillet board comes with HDPE food-grade plastic that resists bacteria growth and mold. There is a clamp at one end of the board to secure your fish, and you get a handle at the other end to carry it or hold it in place.


  • Material won’t absorb fish odors
  • Very slender and lightweight
  • Has a heavy-duty clamp


  • Surface gets slippery with repeated use
  • Clamp may not be strong enough
  • Very narrow design

The Six Best Analog Fish Scalers – Reviews

1. Sea Strike SSFS1 Fish Scaler

Sea Strike Fish Scaler.

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This bright and simple scaler for fish comes in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your needs. It has a durable handle with plenty of room to hold it, and the teeth effortlessly peel the scales away from your fish.


  • Can pick from a few different colors and sizes
  • Has a durable handle
  • Works well for all skill levels


  • Coloration can differ from knife to knife
  • Takes time to learn how to use

2. Eagle Claw Scaler- Rubber Handle

Eagle Claw Fish Scaler With Rubber Handle.

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This fish descaler by Eagle Claw has a serrated edge that catches the scales and removes them from the fish in one swipe. It comes with a thick rubber handle that has an ergonomic design. There are finger spaces on the handle to ensure you get a strong grip.


  • Has durable attachment points
  • Uses serrated teeth to pull the scales
  • Rubber handle is thicker


  • Can have a strong smell
  • Serrated teeth tend to bend or break

3. Amison Fish Scraper

Amison Fish Scraper Stainless Steel.

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This unique fish scaler has a 100% stainless steel design that resists rust and corrosion. The teeth point downward to reduce the chances of snagging your fingers, and you get two teeth sizes that remove both small and large scales. The handle is slightly longer and ergonomically shaped.


  • Uses 100% stainless steel
  • Trapezoid teeth catch and remove scales
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Head of the scaler is thinner
  • Can be difficult to get a good grip with the handle

4. WSERE Set of 2 Fish Scale Remover

WSERE 2 Set Of Fish Scalers.

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This fish for fish comes with two different tools in each order. They use food-grade stainless steel for added durability, and they have a serrated design that makes it easy to strip away all of your fish scales. The metal is resistant to rust and corrosion.


  • Able to put it into the dishwasher to clean it
  • Get two tools in every order
  • Has a 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Doesn’t work well for larger fish
  • Can be challenging to clean

5. Brass Fish Scaler L

Brass Fish Scaler.

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This fish scaler has a unique wooden and metal design. The handle is larger with a rounded edge to give you a good grip. The attachment point for the scaler is stainless steel, and this material makes it resistant to rust, corrosion, and wear or tear.


  • Has a solid wooden handle
  • Using a stainless steel attachment
  • Has nicely spaced teeth


  • Has a very small design
  • Head with the teeth are thin

6. Fast Remove Fish Skin Scraping

Fast Remove Fish Skin Scraper.

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This plastic fish scaler collects the scales as it removes them for a hassle-free cleanup. The handle has an ergonomic design, and the blades stay well away from your hands. There is a hole in the handle to hang the fish scaler until you need it. The clear plastic cover lets you know when it’s time to dump the scales out.


  • Captures the scales as it pulls them away
  • Blades tuck out of sight
  • Has a durable handle


  • Made out of plastic
  • Top cover can be challenging to remove to clean

The Two Best Electric Fish Scalers – Reviews

1. Speder Fish Scaler Corded Electric

Speder Fish Scaler Corded Waterproof.

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This waterproof fish scaler uses a 304 stainless steel roller blade to strip the scales away. There is a 12-inch cable that allows you a large freedom of movement, and you can use it left or right-handed. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee with each purchase.


  • Comes with a full year warranty
  • Has a rubberized grip
  • Uses a waterproof covering


  • Can cause scales to spray everywhere
  • Challenging to replace the batteries

2. Speder Electric Fish Scaler (Cordless)


See Customer Owner Feedback >>

This tool comes with a 55-watt motor and 304 stainless steel roller blade. It has a rechargeable battery with a cordless design that allows you to take it out on the boat and use it. It’s waterproof, and this makes cleaning it quick and easy.


  • Can control the direction the motor goes in
  • Has a very lightweight and compact design
  • Waterproof


  • Can take hours to reach a full charge
  • Only has one speed

What is the Easiest Way to Remove Fish Scales?

When it comes to scaling a fish, it all comes down to personal preferences. Some people believe it’s much easier and faster to use an automatic scaler. Other people believe they do a better job with a manual one. There are also people who mix and match based on the size of the fish they have they clean.

You should try one or two different options and see which one works better for your needs. Since they’re relatively inexpensive, it won’t break your bank to try a few different manual and electric options.

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