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Best 15 Fish Weight Scales [Digital/Analog]

How do you prove that you really landed the biggest fish of the day? It’s simple. All you have to do is prove how much your fish weighs, and you can accomplish this by bringing a fish weight scale with you. This scale will help you solve the dispute once and for all of who brought home the biggest fish of the day.

Fish scales have been around for decades. They’re useful for ensuring your fish is over the legal weight limit as well as giving you bragging rights. Fish scales come in two styles.

You can get an analog fish scale or a digital fish scale. An analog fish scale is one where you hang your fish on it, and it’ll manually weigh them. A digital fish scale will give you an automatic readout of the fish’s weight. The type of fish scale you choose is completely up to your preferences, but we’re going to outline several important factors. We’ll also review 15 of the best fish scales on the market.

How to Choose the Best Fish Scale

These fish scales have a broad price range, and you don’t want to break your budget by buying one. They can range from under $10 up to over $70. Before you start to shop, pick a budget, and make a point to stick to it. This will narrow down your choices right from the start.


Scale’s Weight Capacity
How large are the fish you usually go after? Scales have weight ranges, and you want a scale that fits your needs. If you fish larger game, get a scale with a larger weight capacity. Smaller panfish won’t need a large scale. So, it’s a good idea to double-check the weight capacity before you buy it.

Battery Life
Do you go on long fishing trips, or do you stay out for short stretches? If you buy an analog scale, check the battery life. You don’t want it to die when you’re out in the boat. A manual fish scale doesn’t have a battery, so that it won’t be a problem. Consider the type of fishing you do and compare the battery life of the different scales.

The last thing you want is to weigh yourself down with a lot of heavy gear when you go fishing. You want a portable scale that you can put on your fishing vest or in your backpack. Check that the scale has attachment points that you can hook on your gear for easy portability.

The 15 Best Fishing Scales of 2020

Campteck Electronic Fish Scale 

CampTeck Electric Fish Hook Weight Scale.

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This small fish weight scale is a multi-use device that is portable and lightweight. It has an electronic display with a bright screen, and it has a weight scale that goes up to 110 pounds. The stainless steel hooks are very durable and resistant to corrosion.

There is a tape measure built into the scale that allows you to measure your fish before you weigh it. The fish scale runs on two double-A batteries that will last for months between uses. Finally, there is a stainless steel handle at the top of the scale that makes it easy to carry.

South Bend Digital Hanging Fish Scale

South Bend Digital Hanging Fish Weight Scale.

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This fish scale is very accurate, and it’ll give you a weight up to 10 pounds with ounces included. You can switch it to kilograms, and it has a backlit screen that uses LCD technology to give you clear readings.

The scale runs on two AAA batteries, and it comes with an automatic off feature that prevents you from wasting them. There are ambient temperature reading capabilities on this scale, and you’ll get a retractable tape measure. The foldable hook makes this fish scale very portable, and you can slip it into your backpack between uses.

NEXT-SHINE Digital Fish Scale

Next Shine Digital Fish Scale 75kg.

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You’ll get a large weight capacity up to 165 pounds packed into a compact and lightweight design. There are four weighing units, and it comes equipped with a data lock, backlight function, auto-off, and one key switch. The hook will fold for easy storage.

The scale comes with a full year warranty from the date of purchase against defects or damage. There is real-time temperature detection based on your environment, and the handle has a durable grip that will help you hold the scale steady while you weigh your fish.

Dual Purpose – Electronic Hook Scale

Electronic Hook Scale Fish Weight Scale.

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This scale has a weight capacity of 50 kilograms. It guarantees an accurate reading within 10 grams. Once the data stabilizes, the screen will lock the weight reading at the top of the scale on the LCD screen.

The fish scale uses two AAA batteries with an automatic shutoff feature to save the battery life. There are three conversion units, and the scale comes in a lightweight design that is easy to pack up and carry. The scale will beep when it locks the weight in, and you get a tare function.

SAMSFX Fish Scale with Lip Gripp 

SAMSFX Fish Scale With Lip Grip.

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This scale comes in three different package options with and without a grip. The large hook can hold fish up to 80 pounds, and the scale has a measuring tape built into the bottom. There are no batteries required, and this means you won’t have to worry about running out.

The nylon handle is durable and comfortable. You’ll be able to get a secure grip without worrying about it slipping. You’ll get a removable fish lip gripper with a carabiner clip with this purchase. These items make it more convenient to weigh your fish.

Piscifun Professional Fish Holder

Psicifun Analog Fish Holder weight scale.

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The precision scale reads very clear and it’s able to accurately weigh fish up to 40 pounds. There is a soft and narrow measuring tape on this scale that allows you to get accurate measurements of each fish you catch.

You can use this fishing scale in all different conditions without worrying about it rusting or corroding. The stainless steel design won’t break down in the saltwater. There is a rubber coating on this fish scale that ensures you get a firm grip in wet weather conditions.

SF Fish Grip Holder Stainless Steel

SF Fish Grip Holder Stainless Steel Weight Scale.

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You’ll get a durable stainless steel design with an EVA handle that has a strong friction that prevents you from dropping it. The ergonomic design is comfortable to hold, and there is a wrist strap that makes this scale easy to carry.

You’ll use the quick-release lever to weigh your fish before releasing it with no damage. There are two models available, and one model has a tape measure built into the design so you can measure the length of your fish as well as the fish’s weight.

Eagle Claw Spring Scale

Eagle Claw Spring Fish Scale 50lbs.

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The Eagle Claw spring scale is a durable and classic option that features a timeless design. You get a single stainless steel and scale per order, and the hook folds flat for easy storage or transport on all of your adventures.

This is a manual fish scale that has a weight rating of up to 50 pounds. You don’t have to worry about any batteries. Additionally, the scale has a very slender design with a metal body that resists rust and corrosion in wet and humid environments.

Rapala Mechanical Tube Scale

Rapala Mechanical Tube Scale Analog.

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This tube scale features a very simple design with an aluminum tube. You’ll get a stainless steel hook that is resistant to rust and corrosion, and the hook folds over for easy transport. The body has both pound and kilogram marks on it for accurate measurements.

The large handle on this fish scale has a rubber grip that allows you to easily hold up your fish to weigh it. The marker continues to measure the weight even after you remove the fish to ensure accuracy. You can easily weigh fish up to 25 pounds, and it’s a very lightweight scale that is easy to transport.

Berkley Digital Fish Scale

Berkley Digital Fish Scale 50lbs.

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This is a simple and sleek fish scale that features a black body with a heavy-duty ABS casing. There is an automatic save function that will store your fish’s weight in the scale’s memory to ensure you know exactly how much all of your fish weigh.

The tare feature lets you weigh multiple fish, and the hook is versatile enough for large and small fish. The large handle makes it easy to get a firm grip on the scale, and the design locks water out. Finally, the hook folds for easy portability and storage.

Klau Portable

Klau Fish Scale Klau 200KG.

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This scale comes in black and silver or black and red, and there is a 360-degree wide-angle LCD screen with a backlight. It can weigh fish up to 400 pounds, and you’ll get a stainless steel hook with a handle that is resistant to corrosion and rust.

There is a tare function that will save multiple weights, and you can switch between pounds and kilograms with the push of a button. The scale will power off after two minutes of inactivity to conserve the battery. There is a low battery indicator light that lets you know when it’s time to switch them out.

STRIKEBAIT – Digital Fish Scale

Strikebait Digital Fish Scale.

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There is a tape measure built into this scale that can measure fish up to 36 inches long that weigh up to 100 pounds. The large hook makes it easy to hang your fish on it, and there is a durable and wide handle that is easy to grip.

The scale is small enough to slip into your pocket or tackle box to take with you without taking up a lot of room. There is a heavy-duty casing, metal hook, and a metal handle with a rubber grip that makes it a durable and lasting option.

Digital Fish Scale – Klau High Precision

Klau High Precision Fish Weight Scale.

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You can choose from a black or silver coloring with this small fish scale, and this scale falls in line with the FCC and regulations set by the European Union ROH. There is an oversized LCD that is easy to read.

You can set the display to pounds or kilograms, and the scale will remember your preference. The scale ranges between 4 pounds to 661 pounds with a high degree of accuracy. It has a full year warranty attached to it, and this scale will function in a broad temperature range.

Rapala Floating Fish Gripper Scale

Rapala Floating Fish Gripper Scale.

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This plastic scale is a fish gripper and scale combination, and you’ll get a firm grip on any fish you weigh with it. The digital screen is very easy to read at a glance in all light conditions.

There is an attachment point with a loop that makes it easy to carry this fish scale with you or attach it to your vest. There is a stainless steel hook that holds your fish, and this material is resistant to rust, corrosion, or wear and tear.

Rapala Touch Screen Tourney Fish Scale

Rapala Touch Screen Tourney Fish Scale.

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This is a tournament-level scale that can weigh fish up to 15 pounds. There is a heavy-duty weight clamp that securely holds your fish, and it has a large digital touchscreen display. You can switch out the weighted clamp with a stainless steel hook.

There is a memory function that allows you to recall the previous few weights you took, and this is nice for situations when multiple people fish. You’ll get a sleek bag to store and carry your scale in, and this bag makes it convenient to carry this scale with you.