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Best Fish Wackers [2021 Buying Guide]

A fish wacker or fish bat is a popular tool many anglers use to kill a fish quickly with minimal pain or suffering. These fish bats are usually slender on one end where you grip it. The other end is larger and heavier. This design allows you to get a lot of force behind your swing when you hit the fish.

You’ll find several different lengths and sizes when you start to shop for your fish wacker. The cost will largely depend on what material and length you choose. For example, metal fish wackers are usually going to be more expensive than other materials because they can last for years. However, they’re usually heavier and more difficult to carry on your fishing vest.

It’s a good idea to experiment with a few different fish bats until you find the one that suits your tastes the best. You may even want more than one.

Clip Hooks for Carrying Your Fish Wacker on Your Vest

Trixes Carabiner Clip Hooks.

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Since fish bats can be large, you want an easy way to carry them. This carabiner clip hook allows you to clip the bat onto your vest. You get five hooks in every order in a variety of colors.

The hooks are made from lightweight aluminum that makes it very durable. The top end is large enough for larger fish bats, and the more narrow end will hook to multiple areas on your vest. This will secure your fish bat until you’re ready to use it.

Best Fish Wackers

FishingGhost Design Fish Bat 

FishingGhost Design Fish Bat.

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This is a 10-inch fish bat made out of durable and lightweight aluminum. It uses a non-slip EVA foam handle that allows you to get a firm grip to help ensure you get an accurate strike when you hit the fish.

The wrist strap is large enough to wrap around your wrist several times, and this strap makes carrying the fish bat easy. The aluminum design is durable, and it’ll resist rust, corrosion, wear, and tear for years. Additionally, it’s durable enough to use in multiple environments.

SAMSFX Kayak Wooden Fish Wacker

SAMSFX Kayak Wooden Fish Wacker.

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This durable wood fish bat comes with a thick design with a rounded end and a handle that has several gripping points. It’s over 14 inches long, and it weighs in at just 6.1 ounces. This size makes it easy to carry around.

The black nylon strap stretches, and you can wrap the strap around your wrist for added stability. There is a varnish with a sealant on this fish wacker that locks moisture out and increases longevity. It’s made of solid wood with a unique woodgrain design.

Maxcatch Fishing Priest Aluminum 

Maxcatch fishing priest aluminum fish bat.

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You’ll get a very strong and braided line when you purchase this fish bat that makes it easy to carry. There are four color options available, and the bat features an EVA handle that will let you get a firm grip.

This is a slightly shorter bat that works best for smaller fish. The aluminum design is lightweight and durable. It comes with a weighted end that makes it easy to put a lot of force behind your swings each time you use this bat.

Hurricane Aluminum Fish Bat

Hurricane Aluminum Fish Bat.

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Hurricane has a reputation for putting out high-quality products, and this fish bat is no exception. The complete aluminum design makes this a very durable choice without adding a lot of additional weight. You get a sleek white color that is easy to see.

The handle of the bat has a tapered design. It also has a layer of EVA foam that helps you adjust your grip before you use it. The braided loop on the end of the bat makes it easy to carry, and you can adjust the tightness of the loop to fit your wrist.

AFTCO 19-inch Floating Fish Bat

AFTCO 19 inch fish wacker bat.

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This bat features an aggressive, non-slip coating on the handle. The handle is slightly curved and tapered, and there is a braided loop on the end. You can hang this bat up between uses for easy storage.

The bat will float in the water, and this is excellent news if the bat accidentally falls off the boat while you’re out and about. It measures 20 inches from end to end, and the bat has a very balanced design. It’s very heavy, and you’re able to put a lot of force behind every swing.

Fish Wacker Buying Guide

Different Fish Wacker Materials

There are two broad categories for fish bat materials, and the one you choose will depend on your personal preference. The two most popular materials include:

Aluminum is one metal material many manufacturers use for fish bats because it’s very durable without being too heavy. Metal is resistant to rust, corrosion, and general wear and tear. You’ll be able to use a metal fish bat for several years without any problem, and the metal will withstand a variety of weather conditions ranging from hot and humid to dry or cold.

The traditional material for a fish bat was wood, and it’s still popular today. Wood fish bats are usually more lightweight than metal, but they’re not as durable. Anglers choose wood for the nostalgic feel that comes with it, and you can wear the wood down to the perfect grip.

Where to Hit With The Fish Wacker

Where do you hit the fish to kill it quickly with the lowest amount of pain possible? You should keep the fish in the water until just before you’re going to hit it to stun it. The goal is to render the fish unconscious.

In order to be as effective as possible, you want to aim your wish bat’s end right above your fish’s eyes by the brain. The amount of force you’ll need depends on the fish’s size. Strike the fish by their brain to knock them out before allowing them to bleed out.