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Must-Read Product Guide and Review: 5 Best Fly Fishing Rods

When you are planning to go fishing, picking the perfect fly rod might be tricky. You must look for the rod that will be durable enough but still affordable.

Remember that a good rod is worth every penny, so you have to choose wisely.

No matter how good you are at fly fishing, the fly rod still plays an essential role to achieve both precise fly placement and casting accuracy. It can determine whether your fishing trip will be a failure or a success.

Since there are a lot of fly fishing rods available in the market, you might have a hard time making up your mind on which one you should choose. Fortunately, in this article, we will help you in choosing the perfect rod that would fit your budget.

Maxcatch Extreme Fly Rod

Maxcatch Extreme fly fishing rod.

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This product is made using reinforced muscle carbon-layering technology. You can expect that it will be 20% stronger compared to other rods in the market at the same price. The fast action design can offer more power and smoothness both at the same time.

You can cast accurately at extended distances because of its smooth and high standard guides. Moreover, this product can ensure comfort because of its pure cork handle. You can even use this fly rod for saltwater fly fishing.

This Maxcatch product has an IM7 carbon fiber body and a MaxSelect Stripping Guide. It claims to have the smoothest performance in the market when compared to rods of similar price and features. However, overall, the rod offers outstanding performance in every way.

Aside from that, this rod has an ultra-lightweight hard-chromed stainless steel snake guide. The oversized tip can also help you to achieve a long-lasting and smooth cast without any issues.

You can even improve the performance of this fly rod when you consider getting a durable aluminum reel seat. It can offer you a reliable and comfortable design.

What’s more significant about this product is you can get one at a very affordable price. Fly anglers who have used this product can attest that this rod can be the perfect fly rod for beginners in fly fishing. It is available in varieties of weight ranging from 3 to 10 and lengths ranging from 8.4 to 10 feet.

If you are searching for both quality and versatility, then you will never go wrong with this one.

Another excellent feature of this rod is its MAXLINQ Blank Technology. It offers a carbon fiber blank with IM7 245 and a 30T body. This rod is the most flexible and resistant in the market.

The reinforced layer of this fly rod can add up to 20% of the strength compared to the classic carbon-fiber blanks. It means that you will be getting an entirely durable product.

Anyone can use this fly rod with ease and comfort. It is most especially true because of the pure A+ contoured cork handle which adds more reliability and grip.

Moreover, that feature also makes casting more effortless, and it could still improve because of the two locking rings and the aluminum reel seat.

Lastly, if you add the fast-action design with a powerful and smooth slim taper to everything that we mentioned earlier, you can surely have an undoubtedly exceptional product. You will have a perfect rod for fast action, high-efficiency loading, and for varying kinds of experiences. It can be the ideal rod for beginners.

According to customers who have tried this product, the Maxcatch fly rod is well made. The rod balances nicely in their hand with a reel mounted, and it has a nice feel to it.


  • Superb MaxSelect Stripping Guide for more straightforward guiding process
  • Comes in varying weights and lengths from 3 to 10 WT and 8.4 to 10 feet
  • Excellent A+ grade cork handle offers much more comfort and grip
  • Top-notch carbon fiber blank with superb build provides a reliable performance


  • The bulky design may feel uncomfortable for other users

Maxcatch Extreme Fly Rod might be reasonably priced, but it is still rewarding to use. It might be stiffer and heavier compared to other fly rods, but at such an affordable price, it already has all the necessary features of a good rod.

This product can be perfect for beginners in fly fishing, or you can even use it as a reliable backup. It can be used in saltwater and has durable and reliable materials to fight corrosion.

We recommend that you get a higher quality carrying case to keep your rod protected and safe.

Redington Classic Trout Fly Fishing Rod

Redington classic trout fly rod.

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We stopped by a fly shop and took a look at the racks, and we noticed this Redington Classic. It is there camouflaging among the many expensive rods. It is the kind of rod that you can easily cast and can get reasonable fishing distances.

Unfortunately, people forgot about the Classic Trout’s value, and they tend to buy the more expensive ones that are more difficult to cast. Some wrongfully believe that these rods are designed for beginners only.

We were looking for the best fly fishing rod to use for traditional fly fishing for trout, and this can be the perfect choice. The manufacturers specifically optimized this rod for freshwater trout angling.

This rod can offer you moderate action that is perfect for aspiring fly anglers who want to try fly fishing for the first time. It can also be a great back-up rod for more experienced fly anglers.

You can buy them at different lengths from 8 foot 6 inches to 9 foot. The weight ranges from 2 to 6 ounces which are lighter than other advanced-technology and stiff rods. You can choose from those varieties depending on your preferred fishing style.

The Redington Classic Trout Fly Fishing Rod is well-made, and it features a lightweight blank. The manufacturers used high-quality components like titanium oxide stripping guides for smooth line flow, and custom machined reel seat components.

We even thought that this rod would be expensive just by the way it looks so buying this at a low price feels like stealing it.

Just like other fishing rods, it also features a 4-piece construction which can make packing easier for you especially if you have to travel far.

Since this Redington fly rod is a moderate action rod, you can expect that it would work well on different environments and different kinds of species. We can assure you that it can deliver sensitive and delicate casts. It is best used on small creeks but is also powerful enough for the lake, big river, and boat fishing.

It also has tippet protection that can be beneficial for every user. The soft tip can offer you forgiveness in setting your hook on light tippet. This feature of this rod ensures that you won’t snap off the fish you caught unless you bass-master them.

This product feels like you are practically stealing it because of the low price but excellent quality.

Fly anglers also mentioned that the Redington fly rod looks excellent and casts like a dream. With claims that getting this rod is considered to be a bargain of a lifetime.


  • Offers good tip action
  • Rods of 7 weight and above come in durable anodized aluminum reel seat for a longer lifespan
  • Beginner friendly

  • Comes in laser-etched wooden reel seats on rods 6 weight and below to get the job done effectively
  • Made of quality materials which make it a quality product
  • Durable and conveniently lightweight


  • The outer frame of the rod can be easily damaged if not correctly taken care of

This fly rod is perfect for beginners or even intermediate fly anglers as it is straightforward to use and very budget friendly.

This Redington rod can be compared to the favorite fly rods way back in the 1970s.

We recommend that you get this rod while it is still available in the market.

Sage Foundation 5 Weight Fly Rod

Sage fly fishing rod.

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We feel great when we use high-end fly rods for fly fishing, but it feels even better when we use affordable rods that can still deliver outstanding performance. The manufacturers introduced Sage Fly Rod last 2017, and we consider it to be one of Sage’s products at a modest price.

The rod is 9 feet long, weighs 3 1/16 ounces and has fast action. The line weight is 5 ounces and has a 4-piece construction for more comfortable traveling. It is graphite-made, and the stripping guides are of the stainless frame or aluminum oxide insert.

Sage’s Graphite Ille Technology was used to craft this Foundation fly rod. The manufacturers believe that it can bring power and durability that can result to a more connected feel throughout the casting stroke which then makes more accurate and longer casts possible. Since they constructed the rod with glass scrims under layers of graphite, it can ensure a smooth feel, durability, and lightweight.  

When we looked at the design of the rod, it is evident that Sage wants it to be simple. The blank has a non-glare black, and a single stripping guide and blank wraps secure the snake guides. There is no alignment dots, no hook keeper but there are two thin bands of silver trim between the handle and the product’s logo.

The handle of this fly rod is the typical Sage snub-nosed cork grip. If you loved the hold of Sage 590-4 ONE rod, then you will love this one as well. It has a decent quality of cork with some visible fillers.

Snuggled into a non-glare black anodized-aluminum reel seat are the fly reels of the rod which has a single up-locking ring. It also has a thin slide band that has the Sage logo on it. The manufacturers ensured that the user of the rod would not encounter any issue in the smoothness of twisting the ring so you can lock your reel securely each time.

Even though the rod is physically basic, it prides itself in its excellent build quality. We have tried it, and the blank and guides were straight, wraps were tidy, and no parts were loose. When we assembled the four pieces and flexed it, the rod felt smooth, and we heard no “tick” sound that can indicate poor-fitting ferrules.

According to a user of this Sage fly rod, it has a remarkable performance and price relation.


  • The fast action feature is spot on
  • Excellent casting at long distances
  • Has a pleasant feel and feedback
  • Handles more line equally well
  • Weight of the rod is average


  • A little on the numb side on very short casts

The disadvantage mentioned above would not be a problem when you go fly fishing because the rod guarantees an improved performance when you lengthen your cast distance.

Presently, the foundation rods come in varying weight sizes ranging from 4 to 8 and measures 9 feet. If you are planning to purchase the rod, expect a nylon-covered rod tube that has inner dividers. The combo even comes in a nylon-covered rod or reel case which you can use to pack everything together effortlessly.

If you don’t want to go over the budget in buying a fly rod, this can be the perfect product for you.

You can purchase this if you want an entry-level foundation rod.

Orvis Encounter Fly Combo Rod

Orvis Encounter Fly Fishing Rod.

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Orvis has already established its name in the fishing equipment industry, so we think that you will never go wrong with this fly rod.

The Orvis Encounter Fly Combo is a remarkable combination that novices in fly fishing can use to practice their skills and achieve expertise level. You can expect that it will be durable and that it will offer you excellent performance. The manufacturers pride in this product as it can work better compared to other combos in the market at the same price.

If you are new to fly fishing, this will be great news for you.

The Encounter Fly Outfit has a graphite-constructed fly blank and an Encounter reel. It has a weight-forward trout fly fishing line that has backing and leader. Those features are professionally excellent and rigid to load files.

The 9 feet rod has four subparts which make it easier for packing. There is a Cordura case together with the rod. However, you can’t encase the reel in it.

Since the rod is graphite-made, it can ensure durability for fly fishing which makes this combo perfect for very powerful casts made in big bodies of water. It has plenty of flex on the tip and is more comfortable at almost everything that you plan to do, from slinging heavy streamers to placing your dry flies.

The disc drag system of this rod is compelling and can provide maximum resistance to its revolving reel spool. It slows the speed of the fly line as the running fish takes it off the reel.

You can retrieve the line faster with the use of its large arbor on the reel which also helps in keeping the line free from memory coiling. The rod can also ensure consistent settings at all times with the help of the positive click drag knob. It even makes converting from left to right hand easier.

If you are curious about this rod’s weight line, we discovered that it is heavier by half size.

Through that extra weight, you can quickly load the rod, handle the wind, and cast large flies.

It has a compact head construction that can make energy transfer more efficient. You can load the rod at a closer distance, turn over flies, and throw tighter loops.

According to customers who have bought this product, they love how the rod works. They think that it is better than other rods. The customers added that it is the perfect rod for catching trouts.


  • 4-piece set with backing, leader, line, rod, and reel
  • Lightweight outfit
  • Durable construction in any environment
  • A budget fly fishing combo


  • No warranty but you can purchase replacement separately if broken
  • The fly reel is plastic and not cast aluminum
  • Doesn’t come with a combined case for the reel and fly rod

Orvis Encounter Fly Combo is budget friendly, and you will surely have the value for your money. It is lightweight so you can use it for sports or just for fishing. Fly anglers who own this combo spend more time in the water because they find it more comfortable than other rods.

This fly rod is perfect for beginners who are looking forward to an exceptional fly fishing experience. If you want to get this rod, you have to move fast as they are normally out of stock because of the product’s high demand.

Redington Vice Fly Rod

Redington Vice Fly Fishing rod.

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Redington has released a transitional fly rod which is in the form of the Redington Vice Fly Rod. This rod is your go-to fly rod when you realize that fly fishing is not only your hobby but slowly turning into a lifestyle.

The product’s name is perfect to it because it can lead anglers away from the casual engagement and take them towards fly fishing addiction. It has a fast-action blank and a classic componentry in an affordable and do-it-all fly rod series.

The Redington Vice is made of black anodized aluminum reel seat with laser engraving. The laser engraving on Redington rods helps in quickly identifying the line weights and models of the rod. If you are in a hurry to go fishing, it will be easier to grab what you need and go.

It has an excellent cork half wells grip. The handle is very comfortable and doesn’t have a lot off pitting.

When it comes to this product’s design, you will surely find it attractive as it has a green blank with black and gold accents. Despite the componentry of the Redington Vice doesn’t stand out among the higher-priced sage rods in the market but is still a solid rod. Moreover, it has a standard chrome stripping and snake guides.

This fly rod can perform well at long distances. It is specially designed to shoot line at long distances, and it succeeds in doing so. Casting at long distances can be more productive during calm days.

It would be nice to have a faster line speed and speedier recovery speed at a distance during windy days. In connection to that, it would be pleasant to cast the Vice at longer distances when the wind is pleasant.

When it comes with accuracy, this fly rod struggles at 30 feet. It feels heavy and a bit clunky at this short distance, but you can expect that it can perform better at long distances. Excellent accuracy starts at 45 feet.

The manufacturers specially designed the Redington Vice for this typical trout distance and it can allow an experienced angler to hit the target every time.

The rod is also forgiving and can cater to the intermediate angler. Redington purposefully designed the strength of this rod. In general, the Vice is superbly accurate is excellent for large nymph setups, throwing streamers, and even dry flies.

You might feel that the rod can be cumbersome and bulky at times, but it can help you to extend your cast or allow you to throw large flies.

Fly anglers are often surprised, it can be used to throw a big line.


  • Superbly accurate at significant trout distances
  • Price point


  • Can be a bit heavy and clunky at short distances

The Redington Vice is an all-around fly rod and is perfect for aspiring anglers. If you are new to fly fishing sport, you might find this rod to be your new vice.

If you are planning to purchase a fly fishing rod, you might want to analyze your uses for the product. By doing that, you can determine whether to use a slow-action rod for small rivers and streams or a fast-action rod to catch big fish in open water.

It would be best if you put into consideration the length of the rod. You can determine the length of rod that you will need by identifying the types of fish that you’re going to catch as well as the body of water you will use it on. You also have to take note that the quality of the material of the fly rod plays a vital role in its lifespan and durability, so you must choose very carefully.

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