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Trout Magnet Worms

Trout Magnet lures are the creation of two fishermen from Searcy, Arkansas. Jeff Smith and Todd Gaines were having so much success with their own lures, and as much as most fishermen want to keep their successes secret, they decided they had to share their lures with others.

In 1997, after playing around with different styles and sizes, their prototype was born and perfected. The reason their lures work so well is their design that allows them to sit horizontally in the water, rather than ones with head weight that sit upright.

In addition to their unique design, these lures are made with colors and sizes that work to attract the attention of the fish. Fish possess sensitive receptors that make them acute at detecting motion in the water, and they are sure to be attracted to the lifelike movements of these lures, especially with a tug every now and then to gain attention.


Trout are much more drawn to the realistic swimming motions of this lure than ones that just bounce along the bottom. The following are seven of the best lures and lure kits available, and not surprisingly, all include the Trout Magnet name. They are manufactured in the USA and are fabricated from high-grade plastic that will not deteriorate prematurely over time. These lures are named one of the top lures of all time by Field and Stream magazine, with good reason.

7 Best Trout Magnet Worms For Float Fishing

Leland Lures 876779 1/64 Ounce PinkPink Trout Magnet Worm For Float Fishing.

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This is one of the most popular choices with fisherman when it comes to color that draws the fish in. It features a shad-dart jig head combined with a split-tail worm. These tiny lures impersonate the crustaceans and insect larva that are a majority of the diet for trout and many other fish species.


Leland Lures White 

Leland Fishing Lures White Trout Magnet.

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The white color of this lure is sure to catch the attention of the fish you are trying to catch. The white color provides a definite contrast to the underwater background and will draw the fish in for a take. This lure also has the unique movement of floating horizontal in that they look lifelike to the fish.


E-Z Float 36 Pieces

Trout Magnet E-Z Trout Float.

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These floats were specifically created to pair with the lures mentioned above. The slot on the side allows for easy attachment and removal without the need to cut the line or remove the lure. It also allows for easy adjustment when needing to adjust the depth of the lure. It is small and lightweight and easily detects the smallest bites, unlike floats that are weighted. The bright colors make sure you don’t miss the slightest tug.


Mini Kit (Baits & Scents)

Trout Mini Magnet Kit Baits Scents.

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This kit contains ten each of the seven most popular colors for trout fishing. It includes pink, white, black, salmon fix, red, chartreuse and olive. This kit includes fifteen gold, size 14 hooks. Adding Trout Magnet bait and scent to these lures will be sure to cement your success. Fish are attracted to the sight of the lure alone, but add in a live, wiggling maggot or shrimp and it makes it irresistible to the target.

Daylight fish are ingrained with a color vision comparable to humans, so are able to distinguish the bright colors of the lures. They also exhibit an acute sense of smell. Just imagine, sharks are able to detect through smell a single drop of blood in the water from a quarter mile away.

Salmon also exhibit their amazing sense of smell by being able to return to their birthplace by recognizing the scent. This is due in part to chemo receptors that allows the fish to basically taste anything they touch and to smell any chemicals or unwelcome particles in the water. By applying a Trout Magnet bait scent to the lure, it will add one more level of certainty to the catch. The fish won’t be able to resist chasing your lure with this combination.


Neon Kit (with Hooks)

 Neon Kit Trout Magnet.

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This 85 piece set gives you three choices of hook colors including black, gold and silver and seven choices of neon, brightly-colored lures in popular colors. You will be sure to find the right combination of hook and lure color to reel in the biggest catch.

Original 152 Piece

152 Piece Trout Magnet Kit Float Fishing.

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This kit has everything you need, except for the pole, to start reeling in not only trout, but anything that swims. It contains 152 pieces of various heads, lures and floats, and is the perfect size to fit compactly and conveniently in the pocket of your fishing vest.

Ultimate Bundle

Ultimate kit for Trout Magnets.

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This combination has everything the 85-piece kit contains, but adds in four floats and two packages of line to be used with these lures. This bundle is still conveniently small enough to fit in your pocket, but includes more items to ensure your fishing success. Watch your buddies’ mouths drop open when you start pulling in the big ones after using these.

Drift Fishing Secrets (And General Lessons Learned)

Fishing is a pastime that has been around since the beginning of time, it seems. It was a prehistoric practice designed for survival as a means to acquire food. Over 40,000 years ago, fish was a staple in the diet during a time when food could be scarce.

Its practices have changed over the many years and introduced numerous new methods and equipment from spears, clubs, nets, traps and finally to using a rod and reel like we commonly do today. There are so many physical and mental advantages when it comes to fishing.

Fishing is not just a hobby. It creates bonding time and forever memories with family members and friends that you spend time fishing with. I know some of my favorite memories of my childhood were the summers my family spent in Minnesota on family vacations.

I could not tell you how I spent my fifth birthday, or what I received the Christmas I was eight, but I remember so many things about the times in the fishing boat with my dad, my mom, my brother and my sister. The lessons I was taught about having patience, whether it was waiting for a bite or having to untangle the fishing poles with us three kids, all under the age of 5, will never be forgotten.

I was taught to have not just patience, but also how to sit quietly for long periods of time. I learned how to be still and just enjoy the “being” and not the “doing.” I was exposed to the idea that not everything happens immediately, and I learned to wait for it to happen.

Not well some days though… I was usually the kid casting and reeling, casting and reeling just to have something to do. Eventually I did learn. My dad actually first started me out with a stick and a string tied to the end with a hook and a worm, I was that young. But I remember his amazement to this day, when I pulled a fish out of that clear Minnesota lake.

I remember the cooler bag my mom would pack with drinks and snacks and the way that cold can of pop felt with the sun beating on our heads, eating a bag of chips with hands that smelled slightly fishy. So when beginning fishing, you may not need all the equipment, but as your love for fishing grows as mine did, having better quality items to add to the enjoyment and your comfort for a full day of fishing is definitely worth it.

Another benefit to fishing is that it can present a mental challenge, which is a great brain-building exercise. It requires focus and concentration and a boatload full of patience, especially with children like my siblings and I were. In today’s society, instant gratification seems to be expected.

Nothing teaches patience like a day fishing. My dad always seemed to know what lure to use for what fish he was targeting. He knew which pole and which line to use when trolling and drifting. He knew where to find the bass and where the crappie hid out.

Learning and remembering the different types of lures, line strengths and floats to use requires a sharp memory and critical thinking which we can all benefit from. Finally, and maybe most importantly, fishing provides immense stress relief. It is common for people to go fishing to unwind and get away from the stress and pressures of the daily job.

There is no time clock to punch, no appointments to keep track of. Eat when you are hungry, stop fishing and go in when you get tired. You will not find anything as relaxing as a warm day, water surrounding you and a line in the water. Always remember, like the saying goes, “A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.

Fishing has evolved over the years and the equipment used for fishing has changed with it. No longer are hooks made of bone, or lures made from bone or bronze. Fishing lures are a type of artificial bait designed to attract fish by mimicking things they would eat. The lures attract fish through movement, vibration, flash and color. The lures today are created from wood, plastic, rubber, metal and cork and decorated with feathers, hair, string and tinsel to provide the flash that attracts fish.

Everyone wants to figure out the best way to increase their chances of catching the big ones. Whether it is the lures they use, the bait, the equipment or their location, any information that will better their odds of bringing in a good catch is appreciated. The hours and hours spent fishing are always enjoyable, but they definitely hold more enjoyment when a day is successful in terms of numbers and size of fish caught.

I know my memories only seem to contain the ones that involve catching fish, although I am sure there were those days we were not always successful. In the following, we will talk about the best lures, gloves, leader lines, float lines and other information that can help tip the odds in your favor. In this way, we can avoid “the one that got away” stories that no one wants to hear.