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Best YouTube Fishing Accounts

The internet and technological advances have made it very easy to learn new skills or hone your current ones, especially when it comes to fishing. 

There are a host of YouTube fishing accounts available to watch and learn from today, and you can divide them into subcategories based on your needs. 

There are float fishing YouTube accounts, fly fishing YouTube accounts, bass fishing YouTube accounts, Spin fishing accounts, and much more. 

I’ve picked out the best ones in each category for you to check out below.

Four Float Fishing YouTube Accounts

NW Fishing Secrets

First up on our list of YouTube fishing accounts is NW Fishing Secrets. They excel at catch and cook fishing, and their channel covers a broad range of fish. This is one of the best float fishing YouTube accounts due to the clear videos and the enthusiasm the creators show for everything they do. They started uploading videos just over a year ago with Puget Sound Flounder, and they’ve evolved fishing Tiger Muskies, Salmon, Perch, Rainbow Trout, Steelhead, and more.

Most of the videos range around 20 to 25 minutes long, and you can follow along as they set up their hooks, get them in the water, and reel in monster fish. Along with float fishing, they spearfish, go crabbing, and fish during the winter. While they’re at it, you get step-by-step guides on different fishing styles and types of bait based on the type of fish you want to catch.

Maybe you want to learn how to fillet a salmon like a professional. If so, they have two videos dedicated to filleting a salmon and smoking it to perfect results. They use extremely detailed guides that you can follow along with, and they also tell you how to cook other types of fish. There are also videos on forge cooking and forging on the coast to create a seafood sandwich.

The audio is very crisp and clean, and the instructions are very clear for each video. This makes it an excellent channel for beginners that can teach you some valuable skills.

Fish Fray

Founded in 2010, Fish Fray has dozens of videos available covering a broad range of fishing subjects. They specialize in bass fishing, pike fishing, steelhead fishing, and salmon fishing. One unique thing about this account is that they have several night fishing videos. Each video they shot is very clear, no matter if it’s during the day or night. You can clearly see the fish as they teach you how to fish different areas, weather conditions, and environments.

You’ll be able to see what it’s like to fish in small streams, urban areas, and larger lakes. If you want to fish from the shore or in a boat, this channel has it. They also include kayak fishing and fishing for a variety of species in the winter months. You’ll be able to follow the video to learn tips and tricks to help you land large catches and successfully reel them in.

In the older videos on this channel, they have in-depth guides that help you tie different flies. You’ll learn how to tie a smallmouth bass fly, carp fly, largemouth bass fly, steelhead stone, and a Marabou streamer. Each video goes slowly step-by-step so that you can follow along. If you’re interested in learning how to tie the different flies or get the equipment they use in the videos like the specific rods, they have links under all of the videos.

No matter if you’re a beginner or a veteran float fisher, these videos are very entertaining and educational.

Addicted Fishing

This channel has been around since 2009. They specialize in fishing panfish, catfish, sturgeon, bass, walleye, salmon, trout, and steelhead. Their goal is to inspire anglers at all skill levels to get out, fish, and hone their skills. Based in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll see several different steelhead and salmon fishing videos in the mix. They use a host of different bait from traditional flies to worms, and they fish in several different environments.

If you’re after a channel that gives viewers a lot of tricks and tips to help up your fishing game and land those trophy catches, this one is for you. Have you ever wondered how to keep eggs on your hook? Maybe you don’t know how to choose a twitching jig for your next outing. There are videos available for that, and each video breaks down the variables that will help you decide which is best for your fishing excursion.

They teach you how to fillet fish like a professional, and they give you several nice tricks to ensure you end up with gorgeous pieces of fish. You’ll get tips on how to cook the fish you catch to bring out the natural flavoring, and they give you tutorials on how to set up different rigs and hooks to maximize the chances of catching something.

This channel will give you several insider tips, tutorials, tricks, and knowledge you can use the next time you go out. The channel’s creators are very enthusiastic, and all of the videos are very clean and crisp.

Fishing with Rod

Fishing with Rod has uploaded videos to YouTube since 2006, and the channel is run by a conservationist and an avid sport angler. He fishes throughout British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest, and he has detailed videos that show him fishing for bass, sturgeon, steelhead, trout, salmon, and more. His goal is to create educational and entertaining videos for both professional and amateur anglers, and he has hundreds of videos available.

Rod goes over how to set up various lures and fishing gear with in-depth tutorials that are very easy to follow. He uses a mix of traditional and more modern lures and techniques that he varies depending on the type of fish he’s after. If you dig back in his videos, you’ll notice that he also has several wildlife ones that showcase the animals he sees when he’s going out to fish.

If you want recipes and guides on how to cook the fish you catch, you’ll find several here. Whether you want pan-fried fish with sweet and sour sauce or miso soup with salmon, you’ll find a step-by-step recipe that you can easily follow to catch and cook your fish. He goes over fly tying materials like features and tools so you can learn to tie your own flies.

This is a very educational channel that covers a broad range of topics. It has something for veteran anglers and beginners, and he shoots very clean video with clear audio that is easy to understand and follow.

Seven Fly Fishing YouTube Accounts

Captain Quinn

The nice thing about fly fishing YouTube accounts like Captain Quinn is that they blend humor with skills you can use when you go out and fish. This account wants to inject comedy to keep you entertained while showcasing how to fish for different species and learn outdoor skills. They’ve been going since 2010, and they do everything from teaching you how to tie flies to how to clean crab and fish.

You can follow a video, learn how to fillet halibut, or learn how to make a rock knife when out in the wilderness. They’ll tell you how to free a snagged hook and other small tips and tricks that you can use when you fish to improve your experience. Most of the videos range between 5 and 20 minutes on this channel, and they go in-depth on the topic to ensure you get a good understanding of whatever the subject is. Each video is nicely shot with clear audio.

Trout Hunting NZ

This is a relatively new channel, and they post weekly edits and vlog-style videos that follow the author as they go trout fishing throughout New Zealand. You’ll get a mix of videos from the author’s point-of-view as well as wide videos that showcase the action of fly fishing for legendary trout. He fishes in the afternoon and in different weather conditions, and he posts unique challenges for his followers to attempt.

The videos show gorgeous locations throughout New Zealand and around the world, and he also details different gear you can get and use. If you want to fish throughout New Zealand, there is a vlog that details the various accommodations you can use when you follow his fishing routes. They detail fishing in tournaments as well, and you can look at rare fish and different catches from around the world. Most of the videos are a quick 5 to 15 minutes, so they won’t take a lot of time out of your day to watch them.

The New Fly Fisher

This channel is excellent for beginners who want to learn more about fly fishing in general. If you’re looking for stunning destinations to fly fish, this YouTube channel outlines some of the best picks in the world. They want to be your go-to source for everything you could ever want when it comes to fly fishing. They have both beginner and advanced stream fishing videos and tutorials that walk you through the setup process and the correct equipment.

This channel has dozens of tips and tricks to help you improve how you fly fish, and videos go in-depth on how to tackle different types of fly fishing like nymphing and dry fly fishing. They’ll walk you through the different knots you can tie when you tie flies, the materials, and fly patterns for small and large streams. You’ll learn how to cast under obstacles without getting caught up, how to locate fish in different seasons, equipment reviews, and much more. This is a very immersive channel that answers a massive range of questions you may have when you start fly fishing.

Hardman Fishing Adventures

Since 2018, Hardman Fishing Adventures is based in West Virginia. However, you’ll find videos from all over the world featured. They fish in small canals, streams, and in tunnels with their fly fishing gear, and a lot of the videos talk about different types of trout you can catch like rainbow or brown. They also have some smallmouth bass videos and videos about hunting muskies. You’ll see dozens of gorgeous streams throughout West Virginia.

The videos average around 15 minutes long, and every video has tips and tutorials to help you improve your fly fishing skills. They fish year-round, and you’ll see them pulling in large trout in the winter months as well as during the summer. Many of the videos are directly from the author’s point of view, which gives you an excellent chance to see his technique and the gear he uses to land some trophy trout. The audio is very clear, and the videos show what lures they use. In turn, you can use this information and incorporate it into your own skillset.


Anyone who wants to learn more about high-quality fly fishing gear should take a look at the videos WildFlyProductions puts out. They purchase the gear and go over every aspect of it using in-depth videos that discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each piece, and they also make recommendations as to which fishing style and area the gear would work best in. You’ll find reviews of reels, rods, flies, and brands.

This channel takes you to some of the best fly fishing spots in North Carolina, from large streams to small channels. There are several fly tying tutorials that take you through the process of tying a Werther’s Midge, Sulphur Nymph, and a Sessoms Skinny Baetis fly. They discuss the top flies used in fly fishing, and they go over common questions and answers people have. All in all, this is a well-rounded YouTube channel that has a lot of great information that a novice fly fisher will appreciate to help them set themselves up with the correct gear.


For over 11 years, CatchMagazine has showcased a huge range of videos aimed at fly fishing. You’ll get to see top-notch fishing action from the United States and around the world, and they have a host of world-class anglers fishing in their videos. This originally started as the author’s attempt to reach more people for his online magazine, but it’s spawned lots of videos and helpful tutorials you can watch to help brush up your skills.

No matter if you want to fish in Montana or in the Bahamas, there is a video for that. They go to Argentina, New Zealand, British Columbia, and more chasing monster steelhead, carp, trout, and more. They go fly fishing for shark and some of the Amazon’s most giant fish. Each video gets shot like a short film, so you get excellent pictures, clear sound, and stunning locations. They have a store with a host of merchandise, ranging from sweatshirts to tote bags and t-shirts.

Backyard Angling

10 Bass Fishing YouTube Accounts

Fish the Moment

Since 2016, Fish the Moment has been an instructional YouTube channel that has a goal to share the secrets of tournament angling. The videos are the author’s creations of things he wanted to see when he was learning how to fish for bass, and there are no hidden spots. Each video details where, when, and how he successfully catches bass. He gives you everything you need to replicate his success with these spin fishing accounts.

One of the first things you’ll notice about this account is that there are a lot of question and answer-style videos that go in-depth. He also lays out the best available resources to help you find your new honey hole, encourage the fish to bite, and gear you should take a look. There are dozens of tricks, tips, and techniques you can learn from and apply to your own bass fishing routine to increase your chances of a bite.

Realistic Fishing

Can you watch various YouTube fishing accounts and become a better angler? This is the question this channel set out to answer. To answer it, the channel features the author finding tricks and tips by other YouTube anglers and putting them to the test while filming the results. He wanted to share his findings and experience, so you know what does and doesn’t work.

This account features videos showing the author fishing for saltwater fish like croakers, rays, trout, redfish, catfish, and black drum. There are also freshwater fishing videos featuring shad, skipjack, drum, crappie, sunfish, bluegill, catfish, and largemouth bass. He goes through different gear and gives you tips on how to keep your equipment in good shape season after season. Overall, this is a very informative channel that has hundreds of educational videos. Since most of the videos don’t go over 15 minutes, it’s easy to find the time to watch them.


Anyone who wants a good, all-around fishing channel should look at TAFishing. Run by a father and son team, you’ll find a new HD fishing video every week that comes packed full of tips to help you catch more bass. They cover lure fishing, fly fishing, bait fishing, freshwater, and saltwater fishing. A new episode airs every Friday evening, and they are vlog-style posts.

They use a host of different baits, lures, rods, and gear in their videos that gives you a feel on how the different equipment can help you fish. If you want to make your own lead fishing weights, there are videos for that. There are also videos that teach you how to fish from short, from a stream, or from a boat. They’re all very beginner-friendly, and they explain the why and how behind bass fishing. In turn, you get a great understanding of how you can apply what you learn the next time you go out.

Fishing Tutorials

Even though this YouTube video’s oldest videos are less than a year old at the time of writing this, there are currently over 20 in-depth videos available. This channel will teach you how to fish everything from carp and predator species to coarse fishing. No matter if you want full instructional videos, demos on various rigs, or tips, you’ll find them all here. The first few videos walk you through on how to tie several strong and durable knots.

From these videos, you can watch how to tie and use various rigs. The Method Feeder, PVA, and how to float fish also have features. If you want to know how to handle and unhook pike once you catch them safely, there is content for that. Each of these videos comes in at between 5 and 15 minutes. They’re very clear, easy to follow, and they go slow enough that you don’t feel rushed. It’s excellent for beginners.

Pautzke Bait

The Pautzke Bait Company runs this YouTube channel, and this channel has been around since the end of 2010. They have hundreds of clear and crisp videos available that tell you how to do everything from catch catfish to tie certain flies. They fish all over the United States in picturesque streams, lakes, and other bodies of water, which means that they feature dozens of different types of fish.

You’ll find a host of instructional videos on this channel. They’ll walk you through how to cure eggs for steelhead fishing, how to cure and tie trout eggs, how to make yarn balls, how to tie spawn sacs, and much more. All of the guides follow a user-friendly format that outlines all of the steps you need to take to complete it successfully. As a bonus, all of the videos come packed with useful tips and tricks you can apply to your own fishing knowledge to maximize your catches.

Jon B.

This YouTube account has a very large following, and they routinely cover a broad range of topics to help beginner and veteran anglers improve their game and hook more fish. Along with informational videos showing both freshwater and saltwater fishing, there are fun challenge videos where they try out different gear and see which one does best. They fish in both rural and urban environments.

You’ll be able to watch a host of catch and cook videos that walk you through how to prepare your fish you catch. There are also fun videos where they try to make a boat out of a couch, revisit old videos, answer questions, and bait making tutorials. Each one has a lot of personality packed in, and they let you in on little-known secrets, tips, and tricks that help them find and hook huge fish. It’s an entertaining channel that uses humor to break up dry topics and draw the audience in.


This is an action-packed channel that highlights the fun and excitement of bass fishing. They also fish crappie and catfish in several videos. Many of the videos come courtesy of a hat camera, so you get the point of view from the angler when they hook and haul in their fish. You’ll be able to see how the fish fights and counter it to bring them in without them getting away.

They fish in different weather conditions, on different lakes, and during different seasons and times of the year in several videos. A few videos showcase their equipment and lures while giving you a short tutorial on how to use them and which fish they work best for. You’ll see them use a lot of different lures and gear in these videos, which gives you a good idea of which ones would work best for your preferred fishing location and type of fish.


This channel started in 2013 when the author wanted to share their passion for bass fishing with a broader audience. The older videos are fishing montages that slowly turned into comprehensive product reviews. Each of these reviews showcases different equipment from lures and rods to reels and fish finders. They compare how well they do fishing with cheaper lure sets against high-price options and give their opinion.

If you want to learn how to tournament fish but you don’t know where to start, this channel can help. They have videos that explain the ins and outs of fishing professionally in bass tournaments. They fish in tunnels, lakes, streams, small ponds, and creeks. Most of the videos look like you’re fishing, which gives you a chance to study their technique and see what you can learn from it. It’s an excellent account for beginners or serious anglers who are trying to get into tournament fishing and build up their gear.


The goal of this YouTube channel is to help beginner bass anglers learn about all of the newest baits as soon as they hit the market. They understand that the bait’s color matters when you fish in different seasons and regions, so they try to lay this all out for you to help increase the chances of landing your fish. They help you understand your gear first, and then they’ll list the best gear available.

Whether you like to use worms, jig baits, crankbait, or something else, you’ll find review roundup videos that feature all of these things. They talk about monoline versus braided lines, how to tie different knots, and the basics of using spy baits. If you want to know how to spool a reel, there’s a guide. They also do several different unboxing where they review gear and see how it stacks up. If you’ve ever wondered if brand matters when it comes to your equipment, this channel answers that question and more.


Do you want to learn how to bass fish? Maybe you want to learn more about how a particular fish species acts. Whatever the reason, this channel is a good resource. Each video comes packed with bass fishing techniques and tips to help beginners pick the correct equipment, find the bass, and successfully land them. They list out which lures work best for seasonal fishing, boating for beginners, kayaking gear, and more.

They live-stream a show every Friday night for you to watch, and they talk about bass fishing patterns that work. The tutorials are very in-depth, but they’re easy enough for a complete beginner to understand and grasp whatever concept they’re teaching. They can help you outfit yourself in the best gear too. If you want to switch up your fishing styles, add new skills, or just try something new, this account will give you the skills and knowledge you need to get out and have fun bass fishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many fishing YouTube channels are there?

Since fishing is such a popular pastime, you can find thousands of channels dedicated to fishing. You can split them up into subcategories like bass fishing, fly fishing, float fishing, gear reviews, tutorials, catch and cook, saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, and much more.

2. How do you use Google Earth for fishing?

Google Earth can help you unlock secret fishing spots in your own backyard. You start by going to and picking your location. Zoom in on where you live and start looking for dark patches. These dark patches are bodies of water. When you pick a spot, make sure it’s legal to fish there. If it is, mark it on your map and go check it out. You can repeat this for any location you choose.

Here’s a bigger guide on this: fishing with technology.

3. Is it too late to start a fishing YouTube channel?

No. It’s never too late to start your own fishing YouTube channel if it’s something you enjoy. You should pick one niche, though, to avoid spreading yourself too thin with the content. Start uploading your videos and sharing them across your social media platforms. You should comment and interact with other fishing channels to help draw subscribers.

4. How do you become a fisherman on YouTube?

The first thing you have to do is make your account. Start shooting video when you’re out fishing and edit it, so it looks neat. Remember that you’re talking to an audience. Start uploading your videos to YouTube and promoting your content. You can’t monetize your account until you hit a million subscribers.

Try to get partnerships with fishing gear brands. This will help boost your view count, and monetize your account when you get to your milestone. The key is to put out consistent, engaging content that your audience likes to watch and interact with.